Hello lovely, welcome to my blog, what you'll mostly find here is an abundance of fob cause mcr broke my heart (but they still exist on this blog cause they're super fab) occasionally I reblog other lovely bands such as twenty one pilots, p!atd, and green day; thank you and enjoy your stay


READING:Fables comic series

PLAYING:Bioshock series

ANTICIPATING:Twenty One Pilots concert in October & The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5

OBSESSING OVER:How To Train Your Dragon 2 & Adore Delano

*Recommend me movies please, I love movies*

We'll sing a chorus;
My name's Paige and I enjoy reblogging pretty pictures of band members. |




your boys on the fricking beach.


hey! i just hit 700 followers so i’ve decided to do a follow forever to celebrate. thanks to everyone for putting up with me!!! i feel like something really cheesy should go here but i can’t think of anything. it’s 1 am. brendon urie has a nice ass.

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